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The NGS Academy of Multidisciplinary Dentistry (NGS AMD), formerly the Northeastern Gnathological Society, provides a forum for cross-discipline dental education at the highest level. Our membership includes dental specialists, general dentists, and dental technologists. The NGS AMD seeks to advance the knowledge and understanding of current clinical, scientific, and technical innovations in an environment that fosters collaborative professional relationships.
Our organization enjoys an illustrious history spanning over 50 years. In keeping with the changing times, we have evolved from the Northeastern Gnathological Society, an organization of restorative dentists and laboratory technologists, to the NGS AMD. We strive to be recognized as the home organization for all disciplines of dentistry.
Cross-discipline continuing dental education plays a vital role in modern dentistry as we continually try to improve the art and science of our profession. The NGS AMD provides unique opportunities to learn together, develop professional relationships, enjoy comradery, and offers mentorship for young clinicians.


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