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XTX Talks

Spring Scientific Seminar

Friday May 12th 2023
Chelsea Piers, NY
Pier Sixty - Get Directions

Schedule of Events

8:00 AM - Registration and Continental Breakfast with Sponsors

8:45 AM - Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:00 AM - Ernesto A. Lee - Increasing the Predictability of Implant Esthetic Outcomes

9:50 AM - Thomas P. Sakmar - The Future of Individualized Precision Medical Care

10:35 AM - Coffee Break with Sponsors

11:20 AM - Javier Vasquez - The Importance of Real Human Movements Utilizing Axiography

12:15 PM - Luncheon and Business Meeting

2:00 PM - Robert F. Faulkner - Biomechanics and Dental


2:45 PM - Erin E. Elliott - Sleep Apnea: Wake Up to the


3:35 PM - XTX Talks

4:35 PM - Adjournment and Cocktail Reception

“Increasing the Predictability of Implant Esthetic Outcomes with S.M.A.R.T. Minimally Invasive Bone Grafting”

Speaker: Ernesto A. Lee, DMD

Esthetic outcomes in Implant Dentistry are predominantly dependent on the presence of a harmonious peri-implant gingival architecture. Restoring a patient’s appearance in the presence of soft and hard tissue defects constitutes a difficult challenge, particularly in high smile line scenarios. GBR techniques currently advocated however, carry a high rate of complications resulting in unesthetic sequelae. This presentation will demonstrate the use of a novel minimally invasive surgical approach in conjunction with interdisciplinary therapy to predictably optimize peri-implant soft tissue esthetics.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the limitations of current surgical management of esthetic implant complications

  • Demonstrate the use of novel minimally invasive surgery and interdisciplinary approaches to preserve and enhance implant sites

  • Present a new protocol for immediate implants in the esthetic zone

About the Speaker:
Dr. Ernesto Lee is a clinician and educator with 20+ years of academic and private practice experience. He was formerly a Clinical Professor and Director of the Postdoctoral Periodontal Prosthesis Program, Postdoctoral Implant Fellowship and Clinical Director of the Postdoctoral Periodontics Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He is the author of several publications, including the 3rd edition of Dr. Ronald Goldstein’s Esthetic in Dentistry textbook; and has dictated over 250 lectures.


Dr. Lee is the developer of the S.M.A.R.T. Method, a novel Minimally Invasive Bone Augmentation Procedure that enhances predictability and esthetics with fewer complications. His practice is located in the Philadelphia Main Line suburbs, and is limited to Fixed Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry.



“The Future of Individualized Precision Medical Care”

Speaker: Thomas P. Sakmar, MD

The first precision medicine based on the genetic sequence of a patient was approved over a decade ago. The U. S. National Institutes of Health launched “The Precision Medicine Initiative” focused on cancer in 2015. Since then, additional breakthroughs, including the discovery of gene editing technologies and so-called “check-point inhibitors” that un-leash a patient’s own immune cells to kill cancer cells,have been commercialized. What is the current status of individualized precision medical care in the United States, and what are the challenges for future advancement?


Course Objectives:

  • Summarize background from the human genome project and bioinformatics revolution

  • Provide updates on visionary discoveries and research related to precision medicine and cancer care

  • Discuss challenges in drug discovery and clinical trial design to advance individualized patient care

About the Speaker:

Dr. Thomas Sakmar is the Richard M. and Isabel P. Furlaud Professor at The Rockefeller University where he heads the Laboratory of Chemical Biology and Signal Transduction. Dr. Sakmar uses interdisciplinary approaches to study how chemical signals are relayed from the outside to the inside of a cell – a process called signal transduction, which allows cells and organisms to sense their environments. His work has aided the discovery of new drugs for diseases such as cancer, HIV, diabetes and macular degeneration. Dr. Sakmar received an A.B. in chemistry from the University of Chicago and his M.D. from Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine. He carried out clinical training at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School before doing postdoctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying DNA chemistry and gene synthesis. He has been an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a Senior Scholar of the Ellison Medical Foundation and has been the Marie Krogh Visiting Professor at University of Copenhagen, and Guest Professor at the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Dr. Sakmar served as acting president of The Rockefeller University in 2002–2003.



“The Importance of Real Human Movements Utilizing Axiography”

Speaker: Javier Vasquez, DMD

After 20 years of utilizing axiographies from different manufacturers and following the evolution from magnetic fields to sound, and now optics, we can definitely conclude that every single patient has a unique pattern of motion that is based not only in Ostheokinematics but also depends on the Arthrokinematics and that is why the trajectories in the articular joints super imposed on top of tomograms make the difference in the proper diagnostic and treatment.


The new era of digital integration facilitates not only the proper diagnostic based on trajectory but also allows to execute the proper treatment plan to complete the concept of the dynamic digital patient and in addition, we have the capabilities to export these trajectories to manufacturing programs

Course Objectives:
At the end of the lecture the participant will be able to:

  • Understand mandibular trajectories, TMJ trajectories, dynamic integration with cone beam and digital impression and all the possibilities in planning and manufacturing

About the Speaker:
Dr. Javier Vasquez obtained his Doctor in Dental Medicine degree at the Metropolitan University in 1997. He obtained his Fellowship in Fukuoka, Japan and a Mastership in the USA from ICCMO (International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics).


Dr. Vasquez is the founder of Miami Natural Smiles by Oral Design Dental Clinic where, together with an amazing clinical team of Doctors, they develop the most comprehensive and high end esthetic cases implementing the most advanced technology, science and dental art.


As part of his education commitments, Dr. Vasquez is a current Clinical Adjunct Faculty at the Dental College of Augusta University in the Prosthodontist Program where he shares educational programs several times per year and also at the Biofunctional Dynamics Academy in Dijon, France, Barranquilla, Colombia and Miami, USA .


Dr. Vasquez is one of the early adopters in CAD/CAM evolution for over 17 years and in the last 6 years has been an active developer into the integration and interdisciplinary treatment using 3D Data Integration.


For the past 5 years he united with Nemotec company in Madrid, Spain, a computer software integrated platform for interdisciplinary treatment planning.


Dr. Vasquez is a member of the world renowned organization Oral Design founded by Master Ceramist Mr. Willi Geller. He owns Oral Design Miami, a dental laboratory studio focusing on high esthetics and function.


As a dentist, master ceramist , passionate education leader, clinical consultant and international speaker in the areas of occlusion, craniocervical dysfunction and high end esthetics he lives by his motto : “The limit is the sky! to dream, to learn, and to do! Live life!







“XTX Talk: An Interactive Session”

with Vincent Celenza, DDS, Moderator

With the evolution of the NGS AMD to a true multidisciplinary organization, a new perk of memberhsip is access to XTX, or Cross-Treatment Talks. XTX Talks are treatment planning style seminars conducted several times per year in a virtual format and are intended to reflect the current trend of cross-discipline education and team dentistry. Patient treatments are presented and attending members from various specialties are invited to collaborate on how they would treatment plan and execute the cases.


The program will be devoted to giving members and guests a look into a live XTX-style treatment planning seminar. In addition to hearing the speakers give the scheduled presentation, everyone can participate with the speakers as they present and review patient treatment. After the case has been discussed, we will open up the floor to questions. Audience participation will be encouraged.


The objective of the presentation is the same as that of the NGS AMD: A whole, high-quality educational content in a supportive and collaborative environment.

About the Moderator:
Dr. Vincent Celenza is a Board Certified Prosthodontist since 1988 and received his graduate training from Boston University in 1979. He has taught at New York University, and given presentations at Columbia and the Manhattan V.A. He has presented nationally and internationally on Prosthodontics and how it relates to Periodontics. He is currently in full-time private practice in New York City.


Dr. Celenza is a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics, Past President of the American Academy of Prosthodontists, Past President of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Past President and Fellow of the Northeastern Gnathological Society, Fellow of the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics, and Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists.








"Biomechanics and Dental Implants: Its Importance in Form and Function for Implant Prosthodontics"

Speaker: Robert F. Faulkner, DDS

Dental implants have been incorporated in a multitude of prosthetic designs and are now common in everyday dental treatment. These treatment modalities range from single tooth replacement to complete full mouth reconstructions. Yet, significant problems may arise either early in treatment, or after the prostheses have been in function for several years. This presentation will deal with proper treatment planning when using dental implants and will include the esthetic value as well as the anticipated function for various implant restorations. This will include state of the art planning techniques, surgical procedures and prosthodontic fundamentals for hopefully, long term success.

Course Objectives:

  • Determine the proper prosthetic design for various implant prostheses

  • Identify potential problems for load magnitudes when designing implant prostheses

  • Understand the requirements for specific implant placement


About the Speaker:
Dr. Robert Faulkner graduated from The Ohio State University in 1980. Following a one year hospital residency, he practiced general dentistry in northwest Ohio until 1990, when he returned to an advanced graduate residency program in prosthodontics at the U.C.L.A.School of Dentistry. Dr. Faulkner received his certificate in prosthodontics in 1992 as well as a certificate in maxillofacial prosthetics in 1993. In addition, he received full training through the U.C.L.A. Implant Center during his three year residency training programs. He has lectured extensively on several aspects of prosthodontics and implant dentistry, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Faulkner is the director of The Ohio Center for Osseointegration, a state of the art continuing education facility for clinicians, technicians and auxiliaries. He has a faculty appointment as an Associate Professor at the University of Louisville Graduate Prosthodontic Program. In addition, Dr Faulkner, along with his mentor at UCLA, Dr John Beumer III, is a co-author of the textbook “Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry: Prosthodontic Principles” now in its second edition. Dr. Faulkner resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where he practices with his son Rob, also a UCLA trained prosthodontist, and maintains a private practice limited to fixed and removable prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthetics, and implant prosthodontics.




“Sleep Apnea: Wake Up to the Problem”"

Speaker: Erin E. Elliott, DDS

Did you know that dentists play a key role in treating sleep apnea? Left untreated, sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure, stroke, heart conditions and diabetes. Did you know there are hundreds of undiagnosed patients in your practice suffering from sleep apnea? Dentists have a unique opportunity to detect and treat this debilitating condition in patients who may never have sought help. This lecture is designed as an overview on dental sleep medicine and how you can improve your patients’ overall health and quality of life while building your practice.

Course Objectives:

  • Overview of what sleep apnea is and the different types

  • Overview of health consequences of untreated sleep apnea

  • Creating awareness in the hygiene department

  • How to get a diagnosis from a sleep physician

  • Overview of treatment options

  • How an oral appliance works and oral appliance selection

  • Overview of record taking techniques


About the Speaker:

Dr. Erin Elliott grew up in Southern California but went away to a small NAIA school in Western New York where she played collegiate soccer and graduated summa cum laude from Houghton College. After graduating Creighton Dental School in the top 5 in 2003, she settled in North Idaho to begin her general dentistry career. She has a special interest in Dental Sleep Medicine and technology. She has lectured extensively on this topic and loves to help general dentists extend this life-saving service to their patients. She is an active member of her local American Dental Association, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. She teaches a 2 day Sleep Apnea Implementation Course with 3D-Dentists and Dr. Tarun Agarwal.




Meeting Sponsored by the NGS Academy of Multidisciplinary Dentistry


Additional Sponsoring:

Diamond Level

Straumann USA



This Meeting Qualifies for 6 hours of continuing education by the CERP of the ADA

The Northeastern Gnathological Society is an ADA CERP recognized provider of continuing education credit. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry. Concerns or complaints about a CE provider may be directed to the provider or to ADA CERP at .

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