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The Martin Kantor Fund


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In the decade since his passing, the Kantor Fund endowment has grown. It now exceeds $150,000. The Kantor Fund is responsible for initiatives that closely parallel concepts embraced by Dr. Kantor.


  • The Fund supports the scientific seminars of the Northeastern Gnathological Society.

  • It supports continuing education for dentists and technicians through the NGS/GNYAP institute.

  • Regional postgraduate prosthodontic and technical programs are supported with tuition grants for their students to attend NGS scientific seminars.

  • Awards for the outstanding student of the New York City College of Technology and the ASMDT program as well as the Granger/Pruden award for prosthodontic research are presented under the auspices of the Fun

  • The Kantor Fund has contributed or pledged $55,000 to the American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation. The ACPEF has in turn supported the specialty and discipline of prosthodontics in numerous ways effectively multiplying our gift. The College's activities have directly affected programs and initiatives that support technicians, general restorative dentists and prosthodontists paralleling our own society's constituency.


I challenge each one of us to rededicate ourselves to the Kantor Fund's vision. I request that every member of the NGS make a three-year commitment to expand the Fund and continue to build on the inspirational legacy left by our friend and colleague. A minimum gift of $50 a year from every NGS member will increase the Kantor Fund endowment by $30,000. These funds will allow future administrations to better meet the needs of our students, regional under graduate and postgraduate programs, and to continue to provide the highest quality of continuing education for our members.


Our goal is to achieve 100 % member participation.


Please join our colleagues in this endeavor to support the future of the NGS.




Farhad Vahidi, DMD, President

Northeastern Gnathological Society

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