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Educational Plan: NGS Dental Technology Internship for the High School For Art and Design, NYC. 


The purpose of the internship program is to introduce these young, artistically talented students to the varied career opportunities in dental technology. They will be exposed to dental technology and clinical dentistry in a way that no classroom setting can duplicate.  They will be encouraged to demonstrate their creativity in the laboratory and to pursue their interests with the mentorship of the NGS member participants. The NGS hopes these interns will go on to advanced education and a career in dental technology.


There is no student preparation necessary prior to the student’s participation.  They will be expected to dress appropriately for the environment in which they will work (business casual attire) and to arrive on time and stay for the pre-determined length of time.  The lab owners / dentists inviting these interns into their laboratories should be prepared to spend time personally with each intern.  Additionally, they should have in mind some appropriate tasks or exercises to assign the interns.  
The Dentist/ Lab will provide all necessary materials and instruments. 
The program will consist of one 3-hour session per week per student.  The students are expected to participate for an entire school semester, which would be roughly 9-10 sessions.  They will rotate through several labs, therefore, no one lab/office should be over-burdened.


The students will be expected to observe and participate in the dental laboratory at a basic, entry level.  If in a traditional lab, they will be asked to perform tasks such as pouring casts, waxing teeth, etc. If computer technology is more their interest, they can be introduced to the digital workflow in the lab and in the clinical setting. Students will be encouraged to participate to a lesser or greater degree based upon their level of interest and/or talent in a particular aspect of dental technology.


Specifically, each intern may expect to be introduced to concepts of materials, esthetics, digital workflow, and the integration of the technician and the dentist as a team. Students will be able to witness actual prostheses being tried in or delivered to patients by the dentist and will get an appreciation for the role of the technician as a healthcare professional.


Upon completion of the program, both the students and the lab owners / dentists will be asked to assess the effectiveness of the program in a survey provided by the NGS. Student will be given an opportunity to provide a summary of their experience and to give feedback to the NGS.  

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