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History of the Granger Pruden Award

Reena M. Varghese DMD, MSEd, MSc, FACP

The Northeastern Gnathological Society honors the memory of Ernest R. Granger and William H. Pruden II by offering the prestigious Granger - Pruden Memorial Scholarship Award.  In 1978, this award was established to support research in prosthodontics and related material science, and is accompanied by a $2,500 stipend.  The scholarship is offered for a research protocol, rather than completed research with the expressed intent of encouraging greater interest in prosthodontic research.  The recipient is invited to be a guest at one of the Society's annual scientific seminars to present their research once it is completed.


Ernest R. Granger was a great contributor and pioneer in prosthodontics.  He was a disciple of Dr. Charles Stuart and one of the first gnathologists of the east coast.  He mentored Frank Celenza, Victor Lucia and William Pruden.  He also developed an articulator called the Granger Gnathalator.  Every week, he traveled from New York to Pennsylvania to teach at the University of Pennsylvania. Granger passed away on the podium at a Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics meeting in 1972. 


William H. Pruden II had a distinguished career as a private practitioner, teacher and leader in the specialty of prosthodontics.  He was a third generation dentist.  His grandfather started a dental practice in Paterson, NJ in 1888.  Dr. Pruden moved the practice to Ho-Ho-Kus in 1970.  He was one of the first Board Certified Prosthodontists in the state of New Jersey and was a member of the examining board of Prosthodontics.  He was also the Chairman of Fixed Prosthodontics at Fairleigh Dickenson School of Dentistry. He was president of several dental organizations to include the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics, Northeastern Gnathological Society, and the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry.  


Contributors: James Farer, Stephen Hudis, Leonard Kobren, Harold Litvak, Gerald Mohl, Howard Pomeranz, Brian Ullmann, Farhad Vahidi


Recipients of the Award: Natalie Wolfson (2015) Abhinav Wadkar (2014) Goth Siu (2013) Sanjay Karunagaran (2012), Alessandro Geminiani (2011), Carlos Ercoli (2000), Amit Sachdeo, Lionel Pelletier, Stephen Chu


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