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The Northeastern Gnathological Society is proud to support the New York City College of Technology. With the generous support of our sponsors each graduating class has the opportunity to attend our scientific seminar, and get the chance to experience world class speakers as well as meet with member dentists and technicians. 



















One of the most important programs is the Summer Externship Program between City Tech and NGS. Every year students from the program get to go to our member offices and laboratories to get hands on experience in a real world environment. This invaluable experience is only possible thanks to your generosity in opening up your offices and laboratories. Below you will see quotes from real students who took part. 

Summer Externship Program

Below are some quotes from students who took part in the Summer Externship Program.

“This lab is not only in a great location and close to my house, but the technicians are very talented and kind hearted. All of them are extremely welcoming and generous when using their supplies and answering any questions I have.
This externship has been an amazing experience for me. (…) Each technician has a special talent for what they do, especially …. Even though he has been in this business for quite some time he still creates incredible looking crowns without losing any interest, loves what he does and is truly an inspiration. I have been interning once a week, four hours at a time for about a month and still have permission form … on interning, even though I finished the 24 hour mark.”
(JF, 2015)

“It was a pleasure and a life hanging experience to be in a laboratory that is run by a good technician who puts a lot of energy and thought into his work and by a dentist who is well known outside of New York and who has a reputation for perfection. Time and a whole lot of practice is what I gained from this experience and that’s exactly what I needed.”
(DE, 2015)

“Overall the experience was very educational. (…) was very welcoming, patient and open to showing me everything. There wasn’t one thing I dislike about this experience. (…) spent a lot of time with me showing things one on one.”
(AL, 2015)

“In my opinion, sending students for the summer externship is a brilliant idea of the Restorative Dentistry department. Even though it's for a short period of time (only 24hours in total), I would say without doubt that I have learned many valuable things. I am not only talking about pure technician responsibilities, but also about the important details which can make a technician's work significantly productive and highly professional. This experience felt unique to me, as I've been lucky to see a harmonious mechanism in high quality dental office / dental lab - two in one. 
(…) To be more specific about my participation, I would say I mostly practiced my skills in mixing, pouring, trimming and pinning the die stone master casts. I also tried my hand at CAD/CAM, but shadowing the Doctor and watching him practice dentistry was the most exciting part.
I observed him:
- Cleaning and inserting implants 
- Preparing temporary prosthesis
- Fixing dentures
- Modeling and milling crowns (eMAX)
- Building porcelain crowns and inserting them into a patient's mouth.
(…) Looking ahead towards my feature career, I wish to become a valuable asset to such a great crew and do what I love to do, and of course love what I do. I know sounds a little cliché, but it is sincere. And in conclusion, I would like to one day work under the same slogan as seen on Dr. …. business card, “We love to make you smile!”. I am very thankful to everyone who has allowed me to become a part of this unforgettable experience.”
(VI, 2015)

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